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SCT/JCT v St Munchins


123► Photos: Jack Wall – O’Reilly

Papal Audience.


Br. Denis Hooper, currently studying at the Angelicum University in Rome, attended  the Papal Audience in St. Peter’s this morning. He took the photo above as the Pope passed by . Br Denis later commented : “It was an amazing experience to be so close to the Pope. He has such a very warm, human […]

Dynamo Smoothies!


Students from Glenstal were given a rare treat on Tuesday by catering company Aramark. During the break, students were encouraged to make a variety of smoothies using fresh fruit, vegetables and various yogurts.   The only catch, the power to operate the blender had to come from human power! Students took  turns at powering the […]

Limerick City Kayaking Oct 15

Limerick City Kayaking Oct 15


Renewable Energy Smoothies!

Renewable Energy Smoothies!