5th Year UCD Open Day

5th Year UCD Open Day.

On Saturday the 7th of November, a group of 5th years and John McMahon from 6th Year went to the UCD Open Day. We were brought up by Fr. William. We all woke up at around 6 o’clock which was tough for us but I’d say Fr. William was grand (what with the monk’s morning prayers and all).

Most of us slept on the bus on the way up and we were all starving by the time we arrived (Having had no breakfast. Fr. William didn’t seem to have planned that bit). All of us raced to the nearest place serving food and talked about what talks we would go to and which stalls we would visit. We walked across the campus to the Sciences’ Building, and saw that the first talk was at 10:30. It was 9:25…

The first talk I went to was one on Architecture. The talk was quite interesting and the lecturer had a student who graduated that year come in and tell us about the course from a student perspective. This really helped give an idea of what the course is like. It was really interesting  but the course seemed really long (we’re talking 10 years..)

I also went to the “Becoming a Doctor” talk which was followed up by the Medicine talk. These two talks were my favourites and they seemed to be popular among the other visitors as well, seeing as the room was overflowing with people. The speaker managed to make the talk really interactive and got the audience involved by showing pictures of ailments and asking what they were. The speaker also brought some humour into it rather than just stating the facts.

After the Medicine talk, I went and got some lunch with the lads and we talked about which talks were our favourite(or least favourite) so far. After lunch, I went to the canteen building which was full of stands giving information about the different schools within the college (e.g UCD School of Medicine). I got loads of information about Campus Residence, etc and was also almost roped into the idea of off campus residence instead of cheaper, better, on campus residence.

We finished up at around 3:30, and after a bit of a delay with the bus we set off home. On the bus back we discussed the day, and stopped in Applegreen at Junction 14, to get some food.

Overall the day was really good and I learned a lot. Thanks to Fr. William for taking us.