Heartache as SCT Narrowly Beaten by 2 Points

SCT v Castletroy College Match Report

By Matthew Callan (TY)

The game kicked off and it was clear that the match was going to be a good one. Castletroy had most of the possession early on and had a failed drop goal attempt. They had a penalty coming anyway and they slotted that giving Castletroy an early lead.

Castletroy 3-0 Glenstal

To make matters more difficult, Glenstal suffered an early injury to their winger, Ben Moloney but this didn’t faze Glenstal and Ben Healy scored a penalty to even the score.

Castletroy 3-3 Glenstal

Glenstal then took the lead through another penalty from Ben Healy who was having a great game all round.

Castletroy 3-6 Glenstal

Castletroy responded quickly with another penalty. It was looking as if it was going to be a battle of the kickers.

Castletroy 6-6 Glenstal

Glenstal made a great break with Shane Downes breaking through and making huge ground to get into the Castletroy 22. Glenstal capitalised on this possession and Mark Fleming scored a well-deserved try in the corner which was converted by Ben Healy.

Castletroy 6-13 Glenstal

Castletroy responded very quickly with a try of their own which was not converted.

Castletroy 11-13 Glenstal

Glenstal barely missed a penalty just beyond half time.

Half Time Socre: Castletroy 11-13 Glenstal

Castletroy once again started the half stronger and after a long period of sustained pressure they scored a try which was converted.

Castletroy 18-13 Glenstal

Glenstal were unlucky not to come within two points as a penalty hit both the post and crossbar.

Castletroy 18-13 Glenstal

Glenstal then got a penalty which was converted again by Ben Healy to put them right back in the game.

Castletroy 18-16 Glenstal

Sadly Glenstal could not get another opportunity to put pressure on Castletroy as Rory Johnston was yellow carded with 10 minutes to go.

This was a huge performance by Glenstal against the Cup favorites. Glenstal had 12 underage players on the field. Captain Jack Stafford let by example and everyone else followed. It was a brilliant game to  watch and Glenstal took Castletroy right down to the wire.

The consensus after the game was that it was one of the finest performances by a Glenstal SCT in a long time, considering the calibre of the opposition and the fact that Glenstal had so many under-age players. Never was the Glenstal motto of “Ravens Fly Together” ever more evident than this game. The SCT showed us what Glenstal spirit is really about.

It was another proud day for Glenstal and it is a pity the result didn’t make it the perfect day. Jack Stafford commented after the game that he couldn’t have asked for more from any of the players and that he was proud of each and everyone of them.

Glenstal face Crescent Comprehensive College in Thomond Park the next round. This game will be played on Thursday, January 28th and kick off will be at 4.00pm. As much support as possible would be greatly appreciated by Jack Stafford and his team of Glenstal heroes.

Full Time Score: Castletroy 18-16 Glenstal