2nd Years at the Irish Jewish Museum

On Monday the 04th of December, Second Year traveled to the Irish Jewish Museum in Dublin. This educational trip was part of our Religious Education studies for the Junior Cert.

When we arrived at the museum we were welcomed by our guide Mrs. Abrahamson. Mrs. Abrahamson gave us a tour of the museum which showcased many pieces of memorabilia and fine displays relating to the Irish Jewish community. After this we went upstairs to the former synagogue which is located in the building. Here we learnt about the festivals and traditions of Judaism including Passover, Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah to name a few. Mrs. Abrahamson also went through the various rites of passage which used to take place in the former synagogue such as wedding ceremonies. Mrs Abrahamson was a fantastic guide and we are very grateful to her for her knowledge and how she easily communicated everything to us.

Once we finished up in the museum we travelled to Dundrum Shopping Centre for some lunch. We would like to thank our teachers, Mr. Kieran Sparling, Ms. McGrath and Ms. Burke for bringing us on this outing.

By Mícheál Ryan-Prendiville & Liam O’Sullivan