Darkness into Light Walk in Limerick


(Sean Gilbride – Third Year)

The Darkness into Light run took place on Saturday, May 7th this year. It was in aid of Pieta House and is a 5 kilometer run / walk around Limerick City at around 4:00 am. This year, many students from Glenstal were part of over 100,000 people nationwide and 10,000 people in Limerick who took part in this event. Most chose to walk but many also ran the 5 kilometers.

At the beginning of the run it was dark and light from the street lights was somewhat required to see around the streets. Signs had also been set up around corners and at places where many roads met to avoid anyone becoming confused or lost over the course of the run or walk. The start was at Thomond Park and the course was a loop that went over two bridges and back around to the open area beside Thomond.

The runners went first to avoid any accidents and what not and most of us took off as a group, separating around the second kilometer into groups with the most physically fit leading. The run was relatively tough, in my opinion, but enjoyable. Those more experienced may not have found it very difficult. I was surprised to see that as I got towards 4 kilometers through the run, some walkers were only just passing. This is surprising as it shows what a large group took part in this event. Along the course were many candles spelling out words such as “Hope” and “Life”. At the end of the run there was light, water, tea and small sausage rolls. There was also a large board which was signed by all participants.

I definitely think that the run was enjoyable and was for a good cause even if I had to wake up very early. I would probably do it again if I had the chance.