Self Defence Workshop

Self Defence Workshop

By JD O’Dea


On the 28th of September 2016, the Transition Year group in Glenstal took part in a Self Defense workshop with Irish personal empowerment company ‘Fast Defence’. Two martial arts instructors came to the school sports hall to teach us the proper ways to avoid conflict and how to act appropriately in a violent situation.

sd2-copyTo begin, the instructors went through the different ways that someone could react in any aggressive situations. One was to look at the floor to try and hide from the situation. This can put you in danger as you give up complete control to the other person. Other reactions may include apologising for aggravating the person and then walking away or standing up and meeting the perpetrator with the same level of aggression which would then create high tension and then a possible fight.

The instructors went on to teach us how to deal with a person that might approach us in an aggressive fashion on the street. What they said to do was to stick out our arms and say “back off”. The way we said this was dependant on the situation. Yellow, orange and red were labels used to describe varying levels of high tension situations. This was very effective and we learned the best way to ward off people and take control of the situation.sd3-copy

We also learned what to do in a ‘worst case scenario’. They taught us a way of defending ourselves if we got attacked. We found this especially worthwhile as it could one day save us in a violent attack.

Overall this workshop was very helpful to all of our year and we are very grateful that such a great workshop was arranged for us by our Transition Year coordinator Miss Aungier.

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