6th Years at Shakespeare

By Richard Morris

The Science m Museum was the first place we visited after we put our bags into our hotel. The museum was incredible, massive and filled with so much to see. The Museum had a particularly interesting floor on Engineering and rockets. It expained th history of the world’s earliest steam engines and rockets varying from warheads to rockets for human discovery. The Museum was well worth the visit.

Macbeth was the highlight of the trip. The play was incredible starring James McEvoy whose interpretation of the original play was intriguing. It was totally absorbing and enjoyable.

The second day saw us on a tour of the Globe Theatre which was given by someone who was not an actor himself. We were told about the history of the original Globe Theatre and how it came to be destroyed fifteen years after it was first built in Shakespeare’s lifetime. It was then rebuilt but torn down again. The new Globe Theatre was built fifteen years ago in 1997 at a cost of £30 million. We were told about the different classes of people who come to visit the Globe and all about the seating arrangements in the theatre.

There was a very good and enjoyable workshop which went through the scenes of Macbeth. Specific scenes were acted out for us.  We all enjoyed this and it was also educational and beneficial for our Leaving Cert.

We then went to the Tate Museum which was full to the brim of interesting art work. The building itself started life as an electricity  station. My favourite part of the Tate was visiting the top floor cafe where there were breath-taking views of London city.

During our free time we went to various parts of the city centre. This meant walking down Oxford Street and Regents Street looking at all the high market shops including Hilfiger, Super Dry, Timberland etc. Nandos was a popular choice for lunch. Some of the guys even got kicked out of a shop so that Justin Beiber could come and have the place to himself. He said “sorry guys” as he breezed past the group followed by a bevvy of his bodyguards. I couldn’t repeat in this article what Richie O’Hara said back to him!!!

The atmosphere in London was incredible and we all plan to visit the place again. We were pretty tired when we got back to Glenstal after midnight on Wednesday and were brought back to earth with the usual morning-call on Thursday. Such is life.

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