Choosing the right school is clearly a very important decision in the life of every family. The decision for a child to attend Glenstal Abbey School requires a good deal of thought by parents, students and school alike. The process of discerning whether Glenstal offers the right fit for a student requires dialogue between parents, school and each student. In order to achieve this goal we have a multi-phase process to help each of us to discern the suitability of the educational offer of Glenstal Abbey School for each child and his family. Glenstal Abbey School is part of a Benedictine monastery proud of its deep root in the monastic and Christian tradition and we are happy to welcome students from a wide variety of backgrounds to share our life here.

A central value in the Benedictine tradition is the value of family and friendship and this is a central element of the education offered Glenstal Abbey School. Our context as a small school set in the beautiful County Limerick countryside facilitates this atmosphere. The life of the school like that of the monastery is based on the experience of regular prayer and openness to the world and to the other. Our students are encouraged to develop their own ability to study and to aim to reach their own academic potential. Study is a key element of the student’s life in this school and prospective students are encouraged to be open to the possibilities offered by this dimension of life here. However there are also a wide range of extra-curricular activities outside of the class room. There is a strong and diverse musical tradition in the school. Furthermore games (in particular rugby) are played with great enthusiasm and commitment.