Battle of the Bands October 2013

The first  Battle of the Bands of the year took place in the Cinema Gym on Wednesday 24th of October 2013. There were five bands in total from 3rd to 5th Years and the standard was extremely high.

The 3rd Years set the night off  to a great start with a blistering set of songs which were so good they were going to be hard to beat. Lead singer Jack Leonard had the crowd’s attention from the very start and Shane O’Connor’s guitar playing was of the highest standard. Ben Geary on rythym guitar, Leon Broderick and Rory Moloney on bass guitar backed the band. Colm Grogan’s drum playing is amongst the best in the school and it was clear when they finished that the 3rd Years were the front runners no matter what came after them.

Then came the first of the TY bands. They were technically brilliant and there wasn’t a dud note in any of their music. Theo Broderick’s guitar playing was masterful and David Quane’s voice is worth paying money to listen to. It was great to see Jack Murphy from 1st Year back the group on guitar. Leon Broderick once again played drums.

Sam McGuire and Cian Rowan led the second of the TY bands and the energy of their music got the crowd going. It is a pity that they only performed one song as they really were brilliant.

Then came the first of the 5th Year Bands. By now the standard of music had reached its highest peak of the night and Thomas Sammon’s guitar playing was magical.  Ryan Johnston’s bass playing was subtle and yet added to the music. Matthew Ryan’s vocals were true on every note and it was clear by now that it was anyone’s game with regard to a winner.

Cometh the men and cometh the hour. Jack Moyles and Alex Donohoe took the stage and owned it and the crowd from start to finish. They had the crowd with them all the way and their musicianship was of the highest standard as they gave it everything. It was breathtaking and it was a performance which was masterful and thoroughly enjoyable.

The judges went off to consider their views and vote on the winners. While they were away Br. Denis and his group entertained the crowd.

The judges verdict was announced and the TY Band led by Theo Broderick was voted Third. Second place went to the 3rd Year Band. And 1st Prize went to Alex Donohoe and Jack Moyles. It was a fair reflection of the Bands on display and there were no arguments as to the winner (not like last year…).

It was a great night and we are all looking forward to the next Battle of the Bands which will take place in April 2014.

Congratulations to everyone who took part.