Class of 2014 Debs

The Class of 2014 held their Debs in the Dunraven Arms Hotel, Adare on Saturday night last, November 22nd.

It was a glamorous affair and the students and their partners presented immaculately.

The parents of the Glenstal boys were there which added so much to the enjoyment of the occasion.

Br. Martin and Fr. William were there as was Nurse Margaret Moloney and all three danced their way into the wee hours.Debs-Class-Photo

In fact the fun went on throughout the night and it is rumored that some parents only headed to bed when the dawn arrived. Some of their sons decided against going to sleep and tucked into a hearty breakfast to start the proceedings on Sunday.

Thanks to Louis Murphy and the wonderful staff of the Dunraven Arms for their curtesy and professionalism. The hotel, the food and everything about the Debs was top class.

Many thanks to Mary Glynn and Anne Hogan for organizing the event.

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