Death of Fr. Andrew Nugent osb

Fr Andrew Nugent of the monastic community died this morning, November 24th 2015.

Fr Andrew had been headmaster of the school from 1980 to 1985 and then worked for many years in formation in the community at Ewu, Nigeria.

Fr. Andrew was a familiar sight to the boys in recent months when he delivered the post to the school office. He always had a kind word to all of the boys he met. He was recently helping out some of the 6th Years with their History projects in the Monastery Library.

Despite his failing health in recent years, Fr. Andrew refused to allow his infirmities get in the way and he soldiered on bravely right to the end.

Fr. Martin, School Chaplain led the prayers at School Assembly for the repose of Fr. Andrew’s soul.

Headmaster,Fr. Andrew Fr. William said “Fr Andrew was a good man and I trust he is resting in peace after some years of illness”.