Erasmus+ Project

Our first Erasmus+, project, “Getting Lost and Finding Our Way” came to a close yesterday with a public seminar to disseminate and exploit the results of the experience.  With the invaluable support of representatives from our Finnish partners, Loimaan teatteri, we hosted a seminar using slideshows, film clips, photo montages, information leaflets, photographs, discussions and an interactive voting booth to an audience of over 50 people.
We were delighted that so many people accepted our invitation to attend, as well as First years (who cast their votes for an Erasmus+ project of their own!). We had representatives from a wide variety of secondary schools and youth groups as well as parents in attendance.
The four Finns flew over on Saturday and spent Sunday in Glenstal planning the seminar with four of the Glenstal participants.  Sorting through the vast array of written and visual material generated by the project was a trip down memory lane but also made us justifiably proud of our achievements.
We chose to start the seminar with a slideshow explaining what a trans-national youth initiative is and outlining the principles of Erasmus+ which echo our own ethos of respect, reverence and responsibility.  We then showed clips of the play, the Finns playing rugby in Ireland, the Glenstal boys playing ice-hockey in Finland, a lip-dub, a voice over and and had slideshows from both the Irish and the Finnish perspective.  Lotta-Liina and Tim then talked about how the project has furthered their career aims and Sean and Eveliina discussed some of the cultural differences and problems that the two groups had to overcome during the 13 month project.
The final conclusion was that the project was action packed, full of learning, different to what had been expected and well worthwhile!  The feedback from the audience was particularly encouraging with all of the school and youth groups represented wanting to find out how to emulate the project and create their own Erasmus+ activity for their young people and the first years keen to experience Erasmus+ for themselves.
The Finns presented all the Glenstal participants with DVD’s of their time in Finland and they, in return gave the Finns copies of the DVD of Alone It Stands (which is available from Br Denis) and copies of Glenstal Abbey Gardens signed by Fr Brian, before returning to Finland in the early hours of this morning.
Fiona Quinn