Fifth Years in Athens by Rory Johnston

The Fifth Year Classics Class which included myself, Eoin O’Loghlen Esq., Harry Williams Esq., Luke Lynch Esq. , Cian Rowan, Duilleann O’Sullivan , Jack Sheedy, Cam Duffy (Gap Student) and Mr. Ian Murphy got up at 6 am. on Wednesday morning to get the bus to Dublin airport. It was a full day travelling and we arrived in Athens at 12 o’clock midnight. We had a long day ahead of us and went to bed straight away.
The next morning we headed off into Athens and after Cam struggled to figure out how the underground system worked, took the metro to  the Acropolis. We started with the museum at the base of the Acropolis and after looking at some very interesting artefacts taken from the Acropolis, headed up to check out what all the fuss was about.
After Ian and Cam realised that they could get into all the sites free due to them being teachers we soon arrived at the top of the Acropolis. The Acropolis and the various other temples and amphitheatres surrounding it lived up to the talk and were very impressive. With views over the whole of the city plenty of photographs were taken of the group. After that we got hold of a map and found our way down into the old town(Plaka) to get something to eat. We had our first taste of Giros and it’s wasn’t the last. The Greek equivalent of a kebab. After that we headed back to the hotel and chilled out by the roof top pool for a few hours and then headed out to get food. We wandered into the old town and found a traditional Greek restaurant where we got Giros, moussaka and lamb sovlaki, afterwards we returned briskly to our hotel and went straight to bed.
The next morning we got up early to take a mini bus around the Peloponnese. On day one we stopped at the Lion of Charonea, ..……………and the oracle at Delphi. We stopped in a town called Naphlio for the night and then next morning took off again. En route back to Athens we stopped at Epidamnus. We arrived back in the evening and went straight to sleep as we were all really really tired.
The next day we had permission to do what we liked for the morning and so we stayed by the pool until lunch and then went to a famous market in Monastriaki. We all got gifts and mementos and picked up our last giro. We got to bed very very early as we were leaving at 3.00am to go to the airport. We arrived back in Dublin around 2.00pm and got a bus back to school. It was a great trip and one to remember.
Thanks to Ian Murphy for organizing the whole trip and to Cam Duffy for keeping an eye on us throughoutAthens (29).
There are photographs of the trip in the Photos section.
Rory Johnston