First Year Walking Tour of Limerick

First Year Walking Tour of Limerick

On Saturday the 2nd of December, First Year Boarders went on a Historic Walking Tour of Limerick.

Our tour started at the West Door of St. Mary’s Cathedral where we were greeted by our excellent guide Declan. St. Mary’s Cathedral was built in 1168 on the site of Donal Mor O’Brien’s Castle. We then walked along the Shannon to King John’s castle. King John was the brother of Richard the Lionheart, associated with Robin Hood. The castle was built in 1200. It has been extended since.

After the visit to the castle we went we went to Treaty stone. This treaty was between King William and King James II in 1691. The treaty was broken by King William and we also found out about the Penal Laws. Later on we passed by the Hunt Museum. There is a large collection of Greek, Roman and Celtic artefacts there. There is also a painting there in the museum that Picasso painted when he was nineteen years of age.

I really enjoyed this trip and would recommend it to anyone in or near Limerick city as it is interesting, fun and educational. It is a particularly good way to become familiar with the city, especially for students who aren’t from Limerick.

Tom Ryan (First Year)