Glenstal at RTE Primetime -September 2014

Visit to Primetime by the Leaving Cert Economics Class

On Tuesday 9th Septebmer, our Economics class travelled to RTE Primetime Studios in Dublin to appear in the audience of the Primetime Show which was hosted by Miriam O’Callaghan and David McCullagh. We were invited to attend on that particular evening as there was a special show on the upcoming budget being aired and this is particularly relevant to our Leaving Cert Economics Course.

We had an early supper thanks to Adrian and the team in the kitchen and we left on the bus with our Economics teacher Ms O’Sullivan at 5.30pm. We heard there were road works at the Red Cow roundabout so we left in plenty of time. We arrived at RTE good and early and had plenty of time to take photographs and explore before we were brought into the special holding room. In this room we were offered refreshments which were most welcome after our journey. All those who were in the audience on that night were In the waiting room. It had screens on all the walls which showed what was being aired on RTE 1 at that moment. The researchers came around and explained to us exactly what would be required and gave out cards and pens for any comments we might like to make on air. We handed these back to the researchers before we were ushered to the studio.

Although the show was not due to begin until 9.35pm, we were all in our seats at 9.15pm and the floor manager gave us details on how the show would proceed. Miriam O’Callaghan and David McCullagh came out to meet the audience at around 9.25pm and they were surprisingly relaxed and friendly to us all. They were even cracking jokes up to 10 seconds before they went on air.

It was very interesting to see how professionally the show was produced and how timing was so important as they moved from report to speaker in a matter of seconds. The panel was made up of the following distinguished group of Economists/Journalists; Danny McCoy (IBEC) Dan O’Brien (Economics editor of the Irish Times), Dr Mary Murphy, Department of Sociology, NUI, Maynooth and Eamonn Dunphy, Journalist and Commentator. It was very interesting to observe the debate between the various interest groups and although we didn’t get to make a comment on the night, we all learned a great deal from the experience.

We had the opportunity to visit the famous RTE “Green Room” after the show for light refreshments and had the opportunity to speak and have photos taken with Miriam O’Callaghan who was very interested in the Glenstal Group. We finally arrived home to Glenstal at 2am and although we were very tired we still managed to get to class for 9.00am on Wednesday morning….Economics class!

web-prime-time   The whole experience was very beneficial and very worthwhile and we would like to thank our Economics Teacher Ms. O’Sullivan for organising the trip and taking us to Primetime.