Glenstal Referendum Results

On Friday May 22nd the boys from the Third year CSPE class held a school Marriage Equality Referendum in tandem with the national vote. When the results came in it was discovered that Glenstal voted Yes by an extremely narrow margin. The results were recounted three times as it was so close but now officially stand as follows:
Spoiled Votes : 27
No Votes : 87
Yes Votes: 88
3 recounts were conducted to ensure accuracy.
The vote was organised by the boys from Ms O’Sullivan”s 3rd year CSPE class led by Mark Fleming from Adare who was an extremely competent Director of Elections.
Students canvassed for both sides during the previous week and on Saturday morning at Assembly the results were officially announced by Mark Fleming  (3rd year) In his speech Mr Fleming pointed out how important every vote was in this referendum and how spoiling a vote can ruin your chances of success.
Fr William Fennelly, Headmaster congratulated the winning Yes side and commented on how respectful the campaign had been on both sides over the past few weeks. In particular,A14K1104 A14K1112 he pointed to the way in which each side checked with the other before putting up a poster during the preceding weeks to ensure no offence was caused.