By Eduardo Moros – Third Year

We started the Competition with a match against Hospital School on a very rainy day when the rest of our Year had gone on a school trip. The game was played here in Glenstal and we won all our matches. We got wet from the feet to the head.

In the Quarter Finals we played Clonmel C.B.S. Again, the game was played in Glenstal. We won four matches to one. I lost the Singles match but with Ben Clancy we won the Doubles. As during all the Championship, Ben Clancy, Ryan Johnston, Colm Hogan along with myself made up the team.

We were now in the Semi Finals. Everyone here in Glenstal was wishing us well when we left for Nenagh. We won four matches to one. Ryan and Ben played really well in the Doubles. Colm Hogan also won his Singles. Paul Huntly got really angry because in the Super Doubles we went to a tie break and Colm it seems lost three games by lobbing the ball. But he won in the end.

We were in the Finals. We left for Cork and waited around for four hours to play our games. It was a really sunny day and all of us got sunburnt as you can see from the photograph. I lost my game and said to Colm “You must win or we will be beaten. No pressure.” He won.
Then Ryan and Ben did their work in the Doubles. We were 2-1 up. In the Super Doubles in a really tight game, Ben and I lost. But then again, Ryan and Colm won all their matches. We had won the Final!!!

Thanks to Paul for driving us to Nenagh and for spending hours driving us everywhere to the games. To Ben’s mother for the lovely dinner she served us in her house after we won the Final. And again to Ben Clancy, Ryan Johnston, Colm Hogan and Eduardo for making it possible to win this Shield. And thanks to the lads that supported us and greeted us when we came back to the school with the Munster Under 16 Tennis Shield.