Glenstal Welcomes Argentina


Glenstal Abbey School’s tradition of exchanges with Argentina was showcased during

an intercultural weekend which kicked off on Saturday with a soccer match between a

team of visiting Argentinian students and our own Transition Years. As far as

intercultural relationships go, this was no doubt a demonstration of heated emotions in

frosty conditions which resulted in a 6-0 win for Glenstal. Well done, boys!

Thankfully the match was followed by tea/coffee in the board room, just to make sure

everyone was warm and happy at the end of a good days work.

The following day, Sunday Mass would see the visit of some 55 Argentine students

and 5 teachers, all headed by Fernando Carro: long- time friend of Glenstal and

coordinator of an exchange programme between our two countries. As customary

there was again tea/coffee, and it was a joy to see the happy mingling of our student

guides and the visitors. Many thanks to Oran Clancy, Billy Acheson, James Enright,

Sean Scanlon Garry, and Sam Warren for their impressive job on showcasing the

school. Lest we forget, there was also the lively presentation by Brother Cillian; as a

polyglot of immeasurable knowledge this could not have been delivered in a more

interesting way!

With the success of previous years’ exchanges with Argentina, and since Spanish is

now a curricular subject with a group of 14 students in first year alone, it is with great

excitement that we look forward to strengthening our link with Argentina.

Ylva Waldron