Henry Morgan – An Appreciation by Edmond Aylward (5th Year)

You don’t need to be in his Art class to know who Henry Morgan is. Henry has been Glenstal’s Art teacher for the past 41 years.

During that time he has seen Buildings, people and artistic movements rise and fall.
Henry has taught a subject that needed passion and inspiration, and this is what he has given to generations of his students.
I have only known him for 5 years, but I feel as if I have known him for much longer. Every year he has challenged me to do my best and explore new ideas, and thanks to him, I always will.
I have been invited up here not to dwell on Henry’s absence from our community, but to celebrate his contribution to it, and to all of us.
Our experience of you, Henry, is not just as a great teacher, but as a great man, who welcomed each of us into your classroom with a kindness and respect that we will never forget.
I know that while Henry leaves us, wherever he goes from here, heEdmond 3 and everyone around him, will prosper
Thank you Henry .