Kenya A Reflection

“As for him who is making progress in the religious life and in faith his heart enlarges”

                                                                                                ~ Saint Benedict

The decision to travel to Kenya was not one I made lightly. It was a huge commitment both from the fundraising perspective and taking part in the trip itself. That said, it was undoubtedly a great cause and something we all knew we wanted to be a part of.

(I saved some money on haircuts too!)

From the moment we arrived in Lale’enok it’s been one exhilarating experience after another. I couldn’t dream of doing each and every one justice, but from tracking lions with Maasai scouts to walking with Baboons, visiting one of the first known sites of human existence to the TATA Chemicals factory, there hasn’t been a dull moment.

While our adventures through the Kenyan bush were both thrilling and memorable, it will be the Kenyan people that I will have the fondest memories of. They have been hospitable to no end from the night of our arrival, guiding us to and from our tents in the pitch dark. In a land under the strain of drought, they are a people bursting with life. It’s been a privilege to learn about and experience their culture first hand. Joel and his team here have been at our beck and call day and night, never once in poor form. I, myself was a bit grumpy to have gotten up at 4am again to try see lions and fail again, but there wasn’t a word from our chefs, Chenzen and Liz who were up cooking our breakfast!

Of course the most important part of the trip was Olkiramatian Arid Zone Primary School, specifically its students. Our time teaching was hugely successful, with standards five, six and seven learning computer skills, standard 8 learning English. However, we learned far more from them, whether in the classroom, in the yard or on the football pitch. We were both welcomed and bid farewell by the school with traditional Maasai song and dance, performed by the students. With every interaction in the school, my heart “enlarges”.

In conclusion, we want to thank each and every one of you for all your time and the effort you’ve dedicated to the Kenya crew. Each and every cake baked, letter written, coffee sold and so many more forms of fundraising made this trip happen! We want to thank you for letting us take part in the trip in the first place, as it has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will cherish the memories made and people I have met forever.

Jack and the Kenya Crew of 2017

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