Limerick Kayaking October

I’ll be honest in this article in saying that I had low expectations for the Saturday activity when I heard it was kayaking but I was truly proved wrong.
We took a bus into Limerick, I didn’t expect the kayaking to be based on the Shannon running through Limerick, beside bustling streets and docks. When we got into our wet-suits and ran through the rules of safety, we were ready to go. We launched from a metal ramp into the water one by one into the quay, beside Limerick boat club, until our kayaks and a few paddle boards crowded the area. When the instructors were ready and when we became familiar with our boats we set off up the river. We followed the instructors under the bridges as cars drove over above us and as people watched us from the banks. Kayaking through such a central area was quite different and definitely positive because halfway through, the experience had already exceeded my expectations by miles. We played games on the water halfway upstream like catch and bulldog but as we moved further upstream we were capsizing and hijacking each others boats which was great fun and was probably the best bit about the tour. Even though as we returned downstream with different boats from those we started with everyone was in great form. Just before we returned to the quay we played more games which ended up having everyone get on one boat which we obviously couldn’t finish. My boat started sinking so I ended up with a paddle board but it didn’t dim the experience at all. When everybody had their fair share on the water we headed into land with our boats.
To end the day we jumped off the pier as a mysterious long haired surfer dude took photos on his Go Pro obviously without our legal consent. We gave back the wet-suits and hopped back on the bus wrecked after the day but happy with it too.
For anyone looking for a fun-filled afternoon I would sincerely recommend an excursion with Get West on the River Shannon.
Mike Twomey.
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