Lucas Bachmann (3rd Year) – Recipient of the Mathematics Olympiad Role of Honour

Between January 21st and April 23rd, I went to a Mathematics Enrichment Course, in order to participate in the Irish Mathematics Olympiad, a yearly event in which students around Ireland to compete in solving a series of mathematics problems.

The goal of the Irish Mathematics Olympiad is to engage competitors in using their problem solving skills to solve as many problems as they possibly can. The problems can range from Number Theory, Combinatorics, Geometry, Chessboard-style, Inequalities, Functions etc. The competition is not related to the Junior or Leaving Certificate. Rather, it is a whole different approach to maths in that all the problems have never been seen before.
To qualify for the Mathematics Enrichment Course, I participated in a smaller competition called Round 1. This is the competition held in many schools around Ireland to judge their initial ‘knack’ to problem solving. In this competition, I attained full marks, and was the sole person to do so. Then, every Thursday evening, Colm would drive me to the University of Limerick, where I would spend three hours learning about maths before going back home. The training sessions were overall quite entertaining, and time flew by very quickly in these sessions.
We also had a small Limerick Mathematics Olympiad between ourselves. This was a two and a half hour paper with five simple enough questions. At the end of the day, I received Third Place.
On the 23rd of April, I attended the Irish Mathematics Olympiad. This was a 6 hour long paper, with ten questions, and we were meant to solve as many as we could. The questions were quite hard, and I could barely answer any of the questions. However, I performed well enough to achieve a spot on the Role of Honor, and placed 22nd in Ireland. It was a great achievement, especially since I was apparently the only Third year to have made it on the Role of Honor that year.
Overall, this was a great experience. I learned to see every problem in many different angles, and I sincerely recommend trying out for next years course if you are even a little interested in Mathematics.
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