Mathematics Olympiad

Prior to midterm, 76 students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year were given 6 problems to solve from the Junior Irish Mathematics Olympiad. These problems involved using logic, problem solving strategies and pure mathematics in order to devise the correct solution.  

Congratulations to the following students who scored five or more on the six tasks.

Luke Nicholas, Josh Matthews, Jack Neilan, Clovis Hanbury-Tenison,

Matt Hegarty, Daniel Kennedy, Lughaidh Kennedy, Seán Ryan Prendiville,

Alex Acheson, Tom Bell, Julien Dugimont, Ben Gambs, Jacobo Gasalla,

Joe Gilbride, James Hales, Dan Hyde, William Mac Donald Hughes,

Angus MacDonald, Cillian O’Sullivan, Tom Rooney, Lawrence Tuohy,

Andrew Breslin, Seán Carey, Art Keane, Joshua O’Malley, Mark Ryan.



These students can attend Junior Enrichment classes which take place in the University of Limerick in order to further challenge and develop the their abilities. Further information on these classes is available at

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