Mathematics Olympiad

Round 1 of the 2016/17 Irish Mathematics Olympiad  took place in Glenstal on Thursday, November 17th at 6.00 pm. Any senior cycle student who was interested in attempting to solve 6 difficult problems which required mathematics, logic and creative problem solving was welcome to participate. We had two 5th year students and four 4th year students available

maths-week1 on the night to undertake the challenge! Feedback from the participants this year suggests that this year’s paper was easier in comparison to last year’s which was probably a welcome change. Last year’s nationwide statistics for Round 1 are given in the table below.

2015/2016 Irish Mathematics Olympiad Round 1 Scores

Score Frequency
0 1410
1 1318
2 525
3 115
4 29
5 11
6 1
Total 3409


We were very proud of fourth year student, Lucas Bachmann, who was the only student in the country to attain full marks in round one last year. The rest of our students also scored well in the paper. Dr. Bernd Kreussler of the University of Limerick commended Lucas’ achievement and speaking with him earlier this year, he mentioned that he was looking forward to working with him again this year. Lucas’ story from last year is documented on the school website at the following link;

We await the Round 1 statistics from across the nation to determine if we will have more students invited to attend the mathematics enrichment classes in the University of Limerick this year. These centres encourage students to engage with mathematics in a number of ways that promote mathematics as a subject in school and as an area of study. Students can take pride in their abilities, can represent their school at a national event and are offered an environment in which they can flourish without limitation. They tackle challenging problems with their peers, offering them a social benefit, while simultaneously developing critical skills such as logic, problem solving, abstract thinking etc..

Well done to the following students who participated in this year’s Round 1:  

Alfie Hales, Michael Gilbride, Seán Gilbride, Philip Harich, Maccon Keane & Lucas Bachmann.

Further details of the Irish Math Olympiad are available at:  and

Thomas Franklin