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Maths Week began on October 14th this year and, despite Storm Ophelia’s intervention, there was some activity in Glenstal Abbey School to celebrate the week. All students were given access to Mangahigh which is a website with Maths games, challenges and activities. Full access to the web resource is granted to all schools during Maths week and we hope we can maintain some limited access to Mangahigh afterward also. The students find the website enjoyable and it’s an innovative way to practice their mathematics while earning points on their account. Winners in this category;

Junior Ódran Furlong
Senior Uiseann Cooke

The daily puzzle provided some brain challenging problems to the students. How would you fair with the puzzles below? The first correct Junior and Senior entries to be submitted on the day were given a small prize for their efforts. Winners included;

Wednesday Winners none none
Thursday Winners Lukasz Niscior Uiseann Cooke
Friday Winners Julien Dugimont none

On Wednesday evening, the 1st years participated in a quiz with challenging maths problems, brain teasers and puzzles to be solved. There were 4 rounds of 20 questions with multiple choice answers. The boys were split into teams of 4 and had to work under a time limit to solve as many problems as possible. It was a truly gripping contest and when all the scores were added up, there was little to separate many of the teams. Well done to all the 1st years and a particular note of congratulations to those in the top 5 teams!

1st place


1st place


2nd place


3rd place


4th place


5th place


Ian Supple Ronan Walshe Saul Sheedy Ke Burke-Young Paddy Frawley Dónal Reilly
Billy Twomey Eoin Ward Jack Sleeman Aonghus Cooke Seamus Hanly Tom Ryan
John Twomey Ciarán Woodcock Max Stone Michael McDonagh Adam Shawyer
Alex Waller Garvan Woodcock Diego Sun Ben Murphy
Hugh Nicholas
37 points 37 points 36 points 35 points 34 points 32 points

There was also a Sudoku activity during the week. An easy, medium and hard version were provided and sheets were distributed to all students and staff to complete. Congratulations to Angel Santesmases who was the winner in two categories.

Angel Santesmases none Angel Santesmases

On Thursday evening, Junior and Senior Prism were provided for the students. More information on these competitions can be found here: This was also conducted last year and we experienced good success in this activity with 20 students participating and receiving prizes after completing the hour long paper with a variety of problems. Two students also received certificates of achievement from PRISM. The difficulty of the questions increases quickly and ranges from primary school questions to very high order questions similar to higher leaving certificate thinking. This year, we had less participants but the boys battled again with the challenging paper. Well done to all the students who participated. Their performances were quite good. Particular congratulations to Daniel Kennedy (Junior) and Lucas Bachmann (Senior) who were victorious in their categories. Statistics from the PRISM website are also provided below.


Junior Cycle
1st place Daniel Kennedy 2nd year
2nd place Julien Dugimont 3rd year
3rd place Luke Nicholas 2nd year
Senior Cycle
1st place Lucas Bachmann 5th year
2nd place Hugo McElligott 4th year
3rd place Uiseann Cooke 4th year
4th place Art Keane 4th year
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