Natalya Coyle visits Glenstal

Modern pentathlete and Olympian Natalya Coyle paid a visit to the students at Glenstal Abbey School on Thursday 22 nd. September.  Natalya came 7th in the Women’s Modern Pentathlon in Rio Olympics and 9th in London 2012 Olympics.

Natalya spoke to the students about her journey to the Olympics in London 2012 and to Rio this year, and  about the hard work, discipline and  valuable lessons learned through sport that are transferable into all aspects of one’s life.  She talked about the importance of being prepared and of how to make the best of a bad situation, regrouping and getting back on track.  She went on to speak about the importance of good diet when training.  Natalya described the atmosphere in the London and  Rio villages mentioning that they were just like a boarding school with shared rooms and eating spaces. The canteen in Rio was apparently the size of a soccer pitch!

Natalya’s team mate and fellow two – time Olympian, Arthur Lanagan-O’Keeffe, is a former student of Glenstal Abbey School. Arthur came 8th in the men’s modern pentathlon in Rio and made history when he won gold in the European Modern Pentathlon Championships in 2015.

Natalya is an ambassador for Aramark Catering.


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