Richard More-O'Ferrall1

Richard More-O’Ferrall (1997) Talk to 6th Years

On Thursday evening, September the 14th, Old Boy Richard Moore O’Ferrall (1997) returned to his previous home of six years with a view to informing the sixth years about the European Union and working in Brussels. He has been working in Brussels for 14 years  in various positions in the EU and its different institutions. He offered insights into the workings of the organisation, his roles and how and why someone could get involved in working in Brussels for the European Union. He himself studied history and politics in college and decided that Irish politics offered no interest after four years of looking into its history. The obvious progression was to go to the European Union where he got a job with an MEP. He now works in the European Ombudsman’s office which acts as a supervisor and regulator for the other institutions.

It didn’t take long for conversation to turn towards Brexit and the future of the EU as well as topical issues such as Immigration, Corporation Tax and the acceptance of more states into the EU. Due to the large mainland European contingent in sixth year many questions began to flow from their direction and back again as Richard frequently was asked what we knew and hoped for from the EU. He was relieved but surprised that no one wanted an Irexit and that he can still travel with ease back for Leinster matches.

The talk lasted roughly an hour and a half and for some people stretched on into dinner as he was treated to an evening in the senior ref. As captured as we were by work in the Europe we soon were speaking about the changes in the school, the improvement in the food and the similarities through to today.

We thank Richard for his brilliant talk which was illuminating, informative and very thought provoking.

By Arthur Moore.

Photos by Jack Wall-O’Reilly