Senior Economics Students on Claire Byrne Live

Glenstal Economics Students on RTE Claire Byrne Live

This week our Economics class made our annual trip with our teacher Ms O’Sullivan to participate in the audience of the Claire Byrne Live Show on RTE One Television. It was recorded live at the RTE studios in Donnybrook and was a major highlight of our studies in Economics this year.

The group from Glenstal which consisted of the Sixth years and some Fifth year Economics students left the school by bus at 4pm. We stopped for food at Junction 14 and put on our ties and jackets at that point.

We arrived in plenty of time for the show, were registered and waited in a holding room initially where we had tea and snacks. We wrote possible questions for the panel on cards for the researcher who was very friendly. 

After the 9 O’Clock news finished we were moved into the studio and the programme began. It was very interesting to see how things worked behind the scenes, how the stage crew dressed in tee-shirts and jeans and joked with the audience. Claire Byrne welcomed us all and seemed very professional in her work. She had white cards to read from but there was also a teleprompter that she used from time to time.

We saw John Bruton and Eamonn Dunphy debate the election and also Lucinda Creighton was interviewed in the second half of the show.

Although we didn’t get a chance to speak, it was very interesting to hear all the other contributors  give their views on the fallout from the election. It was interesting to hear from a woman who was living in a hotel room with her small daughter complain that there was no recovery in the economy for her or her friends. 

After the show we had photos taken with Claire Byrne which now hang on the wall of our Economics room.  Although we didn’t arrive home to Glenstal until 2am, it was an incredible experience and gave us a real insight into the real world of Economics.