Soccer Marathon
Midday to midday, 29th to 30th March 2012

The non-stop, 24-hour, soccer marathon was the brain-child of Eoin Regan and the other students in the Lenten campaign group. Every year, this group meets with the chaplain to decide on a fundraising activity in aid of a project in the developing world. This year’s aim is to raise funds for the purchase of satellite dishes for Benedictine schools in a very remote part of Tanzania (Google Maps: 7degrees 46’28.78”S 31degrees 06’43”.65E).

The idea caught the imagination, and 140 boys signed up to participate and to get sponsorship. All classes played, in non-stop relays, 24 hours round the clock on the eve of the Easter holidays. Those who played between midnight and 8 am were especially heroic, and even more so were their housemasters and other volunteers who supervised with bleary eyes!

Money began to arrive even before the first kick of the ball. It was fun for all but beneficial for their Tanzanian peers.

The student body in in Glenstal is committed to providing modern technology to their peers in Tanzania (at Mvimwa Primary and Sumbawanga Secondary School). In 2010 forty computers were supplied to both in association with Camara ( ). In 2011 six students provided an on site computer training team for three weeks in July. In 2012 a solar panel system is being provided, to be installed free of charge by engineers from Solar Without Frontiers ( ). The final link remains: internet connection. What good is a computer without internet! At €1800 per satellite dish it is a tall order but an essential one.

We thank everybody who has already contributed to this project by sponsoring a soccer player. If you haven’t, now is your chance. Please do! You might slip €50 into an envelope and forward it to Fr Columba / Fr John at Glenstal, marked ‘Tanzania project’. Many thanks!