St. Augustine’s Exchange – Jack Clancy(TY)

Glenstal Australian Exchange 2016 

IMG_0337 IMG_0340 IMG_0342 IMG_0345St. Augustine’s College, Sydney

On the 13th of January 2016 we departed from Dublin Airport for Australia at an unearthly hour in the morning. The TY boys doing the St. Augustine’s Australian Exchange were Aran Egan, Patrick Prendergast, Éanna Ó’Donnagha and myself Jack Clancy. After flying over 24 hours, through 3 Countries we landed in Sydney Australia. Once out of the airport we met our exchange families and headed for a good night’s sleep.

Over the coming days we readjusted and tried to get used to the sweltering heat. We had just over 2 weeks of their summer holidays in which our families showed us around their locality and the beautiful Nothern beaches of Sydney. Manly was the main beach we used throughout our time there.

Once school started we attended year 11 classes which is the equivalent of our 5th Year. The school brought us on a number of excursions. One of the most memorable was fishing. One of the sport teachers brought us out on boat and we had a fantastic day of fishing out in the sea. Unfortunately, we only caught one of two small fish between us.

Another great day was our day trip into the centre of the beautiful city of Sydney. We saw the spectacular Sydney Opera House and we even climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We sadly departed Australia on the 18th of February. We waved goodbye our exchange families who had taken us into their homes and made us feel like one of their families. We began our grueling 28 hour flight home. We arrived home on the 19th. We were happy to see our families but not so happy to be back to the Irish weather.

Jack Clancy TY