TY Bank

by Emmet Aylward

About two months ago representatives Bank Of Ireland came to talk to our entire transition year group. They told us that they planned to start a bank in our school which would be set up and run by a team of TY students. Our aim was to be the first completely digital school bank in the country.

After the interviews for the various postitions in the bank had been completed, myself and Tiernan Ryan were selected to be managers of the branch and a team composed of 13 other transition years.

Finally after a month or so of team meetings, coordinating with Lorna O’Sullivan and Claire O’Regan (who are the organisers of the program with Bank Of Ireland) and many Emails later, we finally began our operations last Wednesday (8th March) by offering a limited number of students the opportunity to begin the account opening process with us.

Almost all members of the team had a role to play during the busy break time. Special thanks to both Claire and Lorna at Bank Of Ireland, Mairead O’Sullivan for bringing the programme to us, and Fr. William for allowing the opening to flow as easily as it did.

Although the opening went well the task is not finished yet and there is still more to do to get the bank operating fully.


After the Easter break when the TY students are gone on exchanges, the bank will be run by a team of 5th years. We hope the bank will have taken some shape by then and we wish them the best of luck.

The TY banking team:

Manager: Emmet Aylward

Assistant Manager: Tiernan Ryan.

Marketing Team: Keith Floyd, Conor Butler, Lorcan Cruz, Anand McCoole, Eoghan Fitzgerald, Harry Fitzgerald and Jack Collins.

Digital Customer Advisors: Mark Breslin, Harris Sawar and Bríain Leonard.

Financial Controller: Lucas Bachmann

Compliance Managers: Michael Higgins, Muiris Bulaeir and Patrick McCrann.









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