TY History Trip

TY History Trip to Dublin

Unlike most of my classmates, I joined the party when they arrived at the Royal Irish Academy after lunch. I didn’t have to get up really early and depart Glenstal at 7.15am nor did I endure a three hour bus journey from Murroe to Glasnevin, as I had a doctor’s appointment after I broke my collar bone playing rugby.

I didn’t get to experience, what some felt was the best and most interesting part of the trip when the group participated in a tour of Glasnevin Cemetery. They were in the resting place of the most famous people Ireland has ever produced including Daniel O’Connell and Eamon De Valera.

When walking towards the Royal Irish Academy, I couldn’t have timed my arrival any better as I literally walked straight into my classmates and teachers as they gathered at the entrance to the RIA.  Here, we were presented with a lecture on the old Gaelic families of Ireland and their manuscripts. Two books in particular were of interest as they were written by the ancestors of Eoghan o’Loghlen and Gordon Daly. This lecture was heavy going, so I’m not sure of how much I really took in!

Our next stop was the Natural History Museum. Here we got a real glimpse of what History is all about. We were able to see things that we had previously only read about in books, like the Ardagh Chalice and the definitely shocking ‘bog bodies’. This part of the trip was more enjoyable as we were able to ask Br Colmán and Ms Foley about the objects on display as we encountered them.

Later we had the option to wander around Trinity College for half an hour or take a quick tour around ‘Medieval Dublin’ led by Br Colmán. At this point, Br Colmán made it clear that if anyone was late, the bus would be leaving without them! One group went with the teachers for the ‘Medieval Tour’ while I chose to explore Trinity with the other group.

When it was time to get on the bus, I made sure to be on time, however Colmán and co were more than twenty minutes late! Fortunately, we did wait for them…..

Overall, this was a really enjoyable trip. The TY students would like to thank Ms Foley and Br Colmán for this outing.

Paddy Molony (Transition Year)