TY Kayak Trip to Killarney


TY Kayaking on the Killarney Lakes

Luke Lynch (TY)

Twas a cold misty day when Dinny arrived on the bus stoned faced and travel mug in his hand. Us Fourth Years dreading the cold but anticipating kayaking the Lakes of Killarney with Outdoors Ireland were ready but tired. The bus journey went fast with a quick food-stop in Newcastlewest. Diarmuid Glavey went into the Ladies toilet…not for the first time that day as we would  later find out. He claimed that he didn’t see the sign. We finally arrived at Ross Castle in Killarney and got changed into our (thankfully) dry wetsuits.

The Instructor gave us a quick crash course as to how to use the paddle and then we were off. While out kayaking certain attack groups were formed by the Year and some segregation occurred when a mass of kayaks attacked the canoes and made Eoin O’Loghlen not very happy. Needless to say he didn’t enjoy this part of the trip because of the constant ridicule he was getting from his class mates. But no better man to dish it out and some of us were recipients (victims) of his tongue-lashings.

Anyway we pressed on and we made a lot of ground until the canoes capsized and we were held up until we were all floating and paddling once again. Our instructor was kind enough to attach a GoPro to his kayak and film the entire journey. Anyway, after two hours on the lake we headed back and on the way  to Ross Castle we spotted a flock of cranes huddled together in a group which was a brilliant sight. We then headed in, dryed ourselves off, changed and got our lunch from the back of the bus.

We were allowed to walk around Killarney where most of us got a second lunch. We were still pretty hungry after our exertions. We got lots food and some of us tasted the world famous Murphy’s ice cream. While waiting on the bus to go back to Glenstal Diarmuid Glavey need to go to the toilet and headed into the ladies…again… which was a hilarious sight to watch. We think he should go to Specsavers.

Anyways, the day concluded when we arrived back at Glenstal with us arriving just in time for dinner. We had a great day. The weather in Killarney was fantastic even if the water was freezing. We hope to do it again before too long.

Photos of the trip taken by Br. Denis are in the photos section. Take a look at them as you will get  a better idea of the day.


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