TY Science Week – Arthur Moore

On Thursday the 12th of November all of TY went to the UL Science Show as part of their Science Week. We left from the school at 12:30 and the show started at 1:00.

The show started with a bit of fire. The two presenters made piles of methane bubbles from blowing into washing up liquid. Then one picked them up on the end of a rod while the other used a lighter to set them on fire. The bubbles blew up in flames in spectacular fashion but were gone nearly as suddenly as they had started.

The presenters then offered two students the chance to go down to the stage and set the bubbles on fire while the presenters were holding them in their hands. Glenstal’s Jim Fehily volunteered with pleasure and set the bubbles on fire.

When the fire show was over she moved onto liquid nitrogen. Firstly she explained many of its properties and characteristics. Then she started to demonstrate these properties by putting flowers into the liquid nitrogen. They froze instantly and became so brittle that they shattered when she hit them off the desk. She followed up by showing how air contracts when it gets colder by fitting 5 full balloons into a small container containing liquid nitrogen. They shrunk but then slowly expanded again after she took them out of the container.

The rest of the Science Show followed with many other eccentric experiments. These included setting money on fire without burning it, a smoke cannon, water absorbers from nappies, burning ethanol, turning water into wine and elephants toothpaste.

The show went on until two and was very impressive and interactive. They got students to help with the experiments and answer the questions on why things happened the way they did. All in all I think everyone was very impressed and enjoyed the day out.

 Arthur Moore 4th Year