TY’s at Start Up Grind Talk by John Quigley

Entrepreneur and CEO of News Whip; John Quigley give a talk as part of the series of ‘Start Up Grind’ Fireside Talks at the Strand Hotel in Limerick last Thursday evening 25th February 2016. We (George Downing, Conor Booth, Ronan Leahy, Arthur Moore and Colm Mealy) were invited by Mr Pat Carroll the organiser and he warmly welcomed us to the event.

We were escorted to the 6th floor where there was complimentary food and soft drinks waiting for us. The ‘fire -side chat’ style of presentation began at about 7:30pm where John Quigley gave the audience a brief but intriguing insight into his past and how he became what he is today.

Growing up in Castletroy and attending Ard Scoil Rís, John went on to study Engineering at third level but dropped out in a Steve Jobs fashion after a month. He then decided to study Law. After a number of years John went to New York chasing the dream of becoming  a big name American Lawyer but after 5 gruelling years of excruciating work and very low pay John had enough and moved back to Ireland where he began to conceptualize his idea of NewsWhip, which is a forum in which journalists and other interested customers could access trending articles and topics on-line as they become viral. Along with some co-founders NewsWhip took off.

Now companies such as BBC, Bloomberg, Daily Mail and USA today all use his product.

John then started discussing how to start up a business and what he found successful. At the end of his presentation John summed it all up into three points. Firstly he said, it’s never too late to pursue your dreams, after a Law degree and 5 years of hard work, to leave all that behind and start on a blank canvas and begin entrepreneurship. This is a vivid example of that. Secondly he stressed that one should not be afraid to attack the international market, it isn’t as daunting as it may seem. TY's and  John QuigleyThe people of the world are just as loyal customers as the man down the road.

Finally to finish, John stressed that when setting up a business or even studying in University it is imperative that one must ‘Enjoy the ride’. John made this mistake when he was establishing his company and he pleads that nobody may be as foolish as he was.

Overall we felt that this was an amazing insight into the ‘Business World’ and a fantastic opportunity to see  how a local successful company was established.

By George Downing (Transition Year )