Greeting from the Abbot of Glenstal

We have come a very long way from those early days when the first Belgian monks arrived here back in 1927. What has been achieved is thanks – in no small measure – to the kindness and generosity of so many. The monastic community are profoundly grateful for all the blessings we have received and for this we give thanks to God.

Glenstal Abbey is ‘a house of God’ and home to our community of over thirty Benedictine monks. It is an environment that is culturally and academically vibrant, a place which enriches both resident and visitor alike. All are welcome; monastic hospitality is open to whomever comes.

The world needs monasteries – and always has – as spiritual oases and places of contact with God. We are reminded on a daily basis of the truly inspiring privilege it is to live here. With this honour comes the responsibility of ensuring that a fifteen-hundred-year tradition built on the four cornerstones of prayer, education, work, and welcome lives on in the 21st century and beyond.

– Abbot Brendan Coffey, OSB

Radiating Peace

Our new vision for the Abbey – ‘Radiating Peace’ – centres around welcome & learning. We wish to welcome people to our monastery and provide an opportunity to explore and learn about our Benedictine values, so that they might bring this vision with them into their homes and communities. The community of monks is at the heart of this vision of ‘Radiating Peace.’

We have three key development priorities over the next five years:

1) Creation of endowment funds to:

+ Care for the elderly members of our community who have devoted their lives to the service of God in this monastery.

+ Provide appropriate formation and education opportunities for the younger monastic generation.

2) Completion of the Monastery Church renewal programme: ‘Phase III’

3) Establishment of Glenstal Studium:

+ This initiative is about providing Benedictine formation for our own novices and juniors, as well as opening these lectures to those in formation in other monastic communities on these islands.

+ We eventually hope to be able to make these lectures more widely available to a general audience so that the values of the Rule of Benedict become a leaven in our society today.

A word from the Abbot Primate

“It is my conviction that monasteries are among the most important places in our world today. Why? Because there are so many people whose lives are significantly touched by brokenness, sadness, disappointment, failure, struggle, loss, and woundedness. What we offer is a warm welcome, whoever you are and whatever your story in life tells; we say, come and be with us and find healing in the word of God that we offer you.”

– Abbot Primate Gregory Polan, OSB

Ways to Support

To learn more about our new vision for the Abbey please contact:

Director of Development
Glenstal Abbey, Murroe, Co. Limerick, Ireland

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