Our Community

Over the main archway of Glenstal Abbey there is a bronze motto, which consists of one word: PAX: (peace). A monastery is a place where peace reigns, where the monks practise fraternal charity and forebearance towards each other and to all with whom they come into contact. A monastery is a place apart, where all may find peace, quiet, recollection, and ultimately God himself.

A Benedictine monk leads a life of prayer dedicated to seeking God in everything, under a Rule and an Abbot.  The prayer of the monk is expressed in community by the chanting of the Divine Office.  The monk’s prayer is also expressed silently wherever he may be.

There is a rich variety of monastic work at Glenstal but there is no one specific work associated with monks. The monastic apostolate is primarily one of presence, witness and service.  The Work of God, the Sacred Liturgy, is to come before all else in the life of a monk.

The members of the community are listed below, in order of seniority.

              Monks of the Glenstal Abbey Community on Retreat - August 2018

  • Fr Brendan Coffey (Abbot 2016-) 1999
  • Fr Senan Furlong (Prior) 1990 
  • Fr Christopher Dillon (Subprior) 1971
  • Fr Placid Murray 1937
  • Fr Philip Tierney 1948
  • Fr Anshelm Barry 1949
  • Fr Brian Murphy 1955
  • Br Ciarán Forbes 1963
  • Fr Mark Patrick Hederman 1965
  • Fr Anthony Keane 1967
  • Fr Simon Sleeman 1971
  • Fr Henry O’Shea 1971
  • Br Timothy McGrath 1973
  • Fr Alan Crawford 1980
  • Fr Denis Hooper 1983
  • Fr John O’Callaghan 1984
  • Fr Lino Moreira 1985
  • An Br Cillian Ó Sé 1986
  • Fr Fintan Lyons 1987
  • Br Cyprian Love 1993
  • Br Colmán Ó Clabaigh 1995
  • Br Anselm Hurt 1997
  • Fr James McMahon 1998
  • Fr William Fennelly 1998
  • Fr Luke Macnamara 1999
  • Fr Martin Browne 2002
  • Fr Cuthbert Brennan 2004
  • Fr Columba McCann 2005
  • Br Pádraig McIntyre 2010
  • Br Emmaus O’Herlihy 2011
  • Br JarosÅ‚aw Kurek 2016
  • Br Justin Robinson (Novice)