Sunday 15A

Sunday 15A
Fr Anthony OSB

HOMILY  SUNDAY  JULY 12TH 2020 :The sower went out to sow…Mt 13: 1-23

In this parable of the sower going out to sow his seed, we may see The Lord as a skilful and loving farmer enthusiastically tending his crops.  He sows the seed  properly, mar feirmeoir stuama a chuireann a shiol go blasta ceart.  This demands a skill in broadcasting evenly, with a curved sweep of the hand so that the seed is cast broadly and evenly spread. Almost inevitably,  edges of paths, rocky ground and even patches of briars along with the good deep rich soil will all get their share.

The meaning of these four possibilities is of vital importance, for how we receive the Word of God is indeed a matter of live and death.

The seed falling on the roadside risks trivialisation of the sacred treasure we are given; the road is a place of treading, trampling, change and casual trading and commerce.  Do not cast your pearls before swine, or they may trample them and then turn on you and tear you to pieces. The trivia, where three roads meet, may not be the best place for  receiving the Word.

The seed falling on hard unbroken rock may germinate quickly but has no root, and, in time of drought,  will quickly wither. This we have seen.


The seed sown among thorns cannot find the sun, but is shaded by the leaves of the thorn, the allurements of this world.  These allurements are indeed attractive and exciting, but they are false friends, baits and lures that lead away from life and draw  down to death,  for they obscure the beautiful light of the Son of God, preventing us from fully seeing the life giving truth.


But let us turn to the main field, the seed that falls on rich ground and produces a harvest thirty fold, sixty fold and even a hundred fold.

During the recent drought, many seeds that fell on deep soil struck root and grew for they apparently happened upon a whole network of mycorrhiza who foraged for them, bringing them nutrients and water extracted from between the plates of platy clay minerals.

We too can be such a deep responsive soil, consciously or subconsciously mindful of  the Lord, who from our mother’s arms has led us on our way. Our supporting network of mycorrhiza are all those who from our infancy have looked on us with love and wished us well. We have been suckled and nourished by The Milky Way. We have drunk from that great river of life that transcends the Galaxies and fills the Universe, flowing incessantly and abundantly from God the loving creator. May the abyssal depths within us respond to the depth of His Love so that abyss echoes abyss and deep calls on deep in the roar of mighty waters.

In all truth I tell you, unless a wheat grain falls into the earth and dies it remains only a single grain; but if it dies it yields a rich harvest.

I have told you this so that my own joy may be in you                                    And your joy be complete.

Let us , by our study and putting into practice of the Word of God, bring joy and an abundant harvest to the Lord.

Anthony Keane OSB

July 2020.