Terraced Garden

Glenstal’s Italian-style walled terraced garden was laid out between 1679 and 1681. The man responsible for the garden was Joseph Stepney, a younger brother of Sir John Stepney, the 3rd Baronet, of Pembrokeshire, Wales.

There is a similar terraced garden in the Stepney estate in Wales, and one can only conclude that Joseph wished to emulate this Welsh garden, when he settled in Co. Limerick about the year 1670. The garden was restored in the 1980s and 1990s.

One special feature is the Bible Garden, laid out on the Third Upper terrace. This was the first of its kind in Ireland, and combines a large variety of herbs, plants, vegetables, flowers and trees which are named in the Bible. 

The terraced garden is a world apart, a valuable piece of local history, spanning as it does over three centuries, as alive and beautiful to-day, as it was when Joseph Stepney laid it out in 1679.