The Monks of Glenstal Abbey Gregorian Chants


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This album went platinum in Ireland and spent 10 weeks in the Irish Charts. The media raved about its content,packaging and presentation Gregorian Chant is an integral part of the Benedictine monastic experience, forming the core of the Church’s daily offices as they are chanted in choir: From morning (Matins and Lauds) through Mid-day Mass to evening (Vespers and Compline).

With passionate intensity and yet sober restraint, it channels religious emotion and gives it musical expression.Organ improvisation, as it is heard in this recording, is often used in the liturgy at Glenstal, capturing the mood of the liturgical action through spontaneous embellishment of the Gregorian melodies.This CD comes with a 16 page colour booklet,with all the words of the chants as they are sung in Latin, plus special Irish and English translations by the monks.

<p “=””>Track List <p “=””> 1. Hosanna filio David | 2.Gloria laus et honor | 3. Attende Domine | 4. Organ improvisation on Attende Domine | 5. Nos autem gloriari | 6. Kyrie eleison 1V(Missa Cunctipotens genitor Deus) | 7. Domine,tu mihi lavas pedes? | 8. In Hoc cognoscent omnes | 9. Manent in vobis | 10. Ubi caritas | 11. Organ improvisation on Ubi caritas | 12. Christus factus est | 13. Ecce lignum cruces | 14. Crux fidelis | 15. Organ improvisation on Crux fidelis | 16. Alleluia (Confitemini Domino) | 17. Sanctus X (Missa Alme Pater) | 18. Agnus Dei 1V (Missa Cunctipotens genitor Deus) | 19. Salve festa dies | 20. Regina caeli (Solemn tone) | 21. Organ improvisation on Regina caeli | 22. Viri Galilaei | 23. Alleluia (Emitte Spiritum tuum) | 24. Cantate Domino, alleluia | 25. O sacrum convivium | 26. Ave verum | 27. Psalmus Alleluiaticus | 28. Victimae paschali laudes | 29. Organ improvisation on Victimae paschali laudes.

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