When The Eye Is Unobstructed - Mindfulness Stories for Awakening by Francis Valloor



When the Eye is Unobstructed is a radical call to wake up from the sleep of unawareness. It is an invitation to open our eyes to all that is. The wise ones call this ‘seeing with attention’… seeing that is untrammeled by our judgements. Great teachers and mystics love using stories and parables to point to the Truth since stories speak to you at a level beyond the mind, without trying to change you or preach to you. They may bypass your resistance by not engaging the thinking mind and bring about a transformation that may open your eyes to see. To see this way is to be transformed. And in order to see, there is nothing one needs to do except, as the 4th Century BC Chinese sage Chuang Tzu wrote, to remove the obstacles to seeing. Anyone interested in mindfulness practice will find in these stories an understanding and perspective that is practical, rooted in life and, therefore, invaluable.

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