School Project in Kenya

Thank You To Everyone Who Supported The School Project 2019 At Oloika Middle School - Fr John

  • On 9th July 2019, ten sixth year students took part in the Kenyan School Project. 
  • 39 Laptops were donated to the School
  • €25,000 was raised and 100% of these  funds went directly to building classrooms and toilets that were desperately needed by the Kenyan School Children


Kenyan Project 2020 - Entasopia Kindergarten (nursery school) 280 pupils. 

  • Objectives:
    • Rebuilding a classroom for 280 pre-schoolers: €13,000
    • Any additional funds raised will provide for desks and chairs


Entasopia school has a kindergarten (nursery school) with 280 pupils. Their old classroom was destroyed in a storm and condemned about two years ago. Since then some of the children are in borrowed classrooms from the primary school and others learning outdoors under the shade of trees.  

We intend to rebuild the classroom with funds raised from :

  • 2019 Advent Carol Service
  • Transition Year Fair
  • Sports Day 2020 Cake & Ice Cream Sale
  • From private donations

People are most welcome to contribute. If we get enough funds for the classroom any additional donation will be used to supply chairs and desks.

Many thanks for considering this request.

- Fr John