5th Year Economics Class at RTE's Claire Byrne Live

5th Year Economics Class at RTE's Claire Byrne Live
Denis Hooper

By Henri Cramer

After long term planing, our 5th year Economics class finally had the great opportunity to see Claire Byrne Live in Dublin.

On the day, the classes couldn’t have seemed longer and we all couldn’t wait to go. We left Glenstal at 5.00pm As a stop at Obama Plaza is an essential to any trip towards Dublin, we filled up on some Pizza and Soft-drinks.

Finally, the 3 hour journey to the RTE studios had an end. Arriving there we took a picture in front of the RTE sign, which is now hanging in Ms. O’Sullivans classroom. When going into the waiting area we were all given cards to fill out with question we wanted to ask on the show. The main topic of that night was very foreseeable, Brexit. The manager and Claire Byrne were very impressed by a couple of questions the lads and I asked. For my question, they wanted me to raise my hand during the show and give me an opportunity to ask this. I was thrilled and couldn’t keep my hand down. As a disappointing result, there was no time for me to ask my question, wether Ireland is ready for a Brexit in the skies. This really interested me as a German national traveling between Glenstal and Berlin almost monthly. Well, a senior citizen argued too long with Claire Byrne, and the guests invited to the show, which sadly was the result of my arm almost falling off, but me not being able to ask my question. Although this was dragging me down for a couple of minuets, the trip was still an incredible experience.

Seeing such a debate live and not in front of a screen is something everyone should definitely experience. Especially with the topic Brexit, as this is something world changing that will impact every countries economy in any type of way. Interesting to see, was how unprepared everyone actually is for March 29th, especially with the failed vote on Theresa May’s referendum.

After the show, we were able to have a short chat with Claire Byrne herself as well as taking a picture with her as a group. After the show we were all pretty tired and couldn’t wait to be back in our beds. The adventure had an end when we came back to Glenstal at 3am. Luckily, we were able to sleep a little late and enjoy a late breakfast the next morning.

 Definitely, this was the best school trip I was able to experience to this point. I can speak for all the lads when I say, that I would definitely go back to Dublin to see another show. 

Finally, we would like to thank Ms. O’Sullivan for organising this trip and enabling us to experience what real-life Economics and its problems are like.

We would also like to thank the Glenstal caterers for providing us with packed lunches and a late breakfast the morning after.