Farewell and thanks to Lee Boatman

Farewell and thanks to Lee Boatman
Denis Hooper

Today the whole school community paid tribute to our Executive Chef, Lee Boatman from Baxter Storey who finishes in Glenstal and who is moving to another facility in Limerick. Glenstal's loss is certainly someone else's gain.

Lee has been instrumental in improving the quality and presentation of the food here in Glenstal Abbey School. It is generally accepted that the food on offer here in Glenstal is the best in any boarding school in the country.

We all owe Lee a huge debt of gratitude and that was shown to him at Morning Assembly when he received such enthusiastic applause that went on for quite some time.

Fr. Martin in his tribute to Lee noted how Lee was always open to suggestions from the students regarding menu's and the type of food on offer here. Fr. Martin added that Lee is more than a chef - that Lee has been generous and enthusiastic for the wellfare of all the students in his care.

Fr. Martin presented Lee with a framed photograph of the Clare Glens as a token of appreciation.

We will all miss Lee and we wish him the very best in his new appointment.