Final Kenya Crew Report - August 2019

Final Kenya Crew Report - August 2019
Denis Hooper

That  in everything God may be blessed!” is a traditional Benedictine maxim and seems to apply easily to  this year’s Kenya project.

First of all, there was a ‘crew’ of ten young men of seventeen years who got along with each other, with the organisers, Fr John and Thomas Franklin, and with their peers in Kenya for three weeks.

Secondly, so many parents and friends contributed to the project that Oloika Middle School, in the impoverished wilderness of ‘Maasiland’, could be afforded latrines, a brand new classroom and a small computer lab’! But there was also generosity on the ground in that the Bunduz Safari company gave its best service of transport and catering for cost price during high season, and Lale’enok Resource Centre allowed  us camp on their land for free!

The cherry on the cake was when an pharmaceutical company based in Ireland offered us 38 laptops which were only three years old!

Anyway the result, to be brief, was that apart from the infrastructural developments, two schools in need of computers now have them as well as the training required to use them. In addition our ‘crew’ and school and have had their minds broadened and will hopefully spread the word, and thus help to make the world a better place for us all, as it was  meant to be.