Glenstal Medal Winners at Feile Luimnigh

Glenstal Medal Winners at Feile Luimnigh
Denis Hooper

Glenstal won an impressive hoard of medals and certificates at this year's Feile Luimnigh held on January 24th and 25th.

Jack Given and Cormac Murphy were awarded Certificates of Merit in the Under 14 Impromptu Speaking.

Calum Blake took a very impressive Gold in Under 15 Solo Verse amongst a group of 23 competitors.

Ethan Tierney won Gold in the Under 14 Poetry Sight Reading. Ethan also won Silver in Solo Verse.

George Von Stranz won Gold in Senior Public Speaking.

Henri Cramer won Gold in Under 17 Public Speaking.

Matthew Lynne won Bronze in Senior Poetry Reading.

Quite an impressive set of awards! 

Congratulations to everyone who took part and special thanks to Thomas Wallace-O'Donnell for preparing everyone for the Feile.