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Glenstal Win All Ireland Junior Cert History Quiz

Glenstal Win All Ireland Junior Cert History Quiz
Denis Hooper

Having qualified through the regional final in Munster, our team comprising of Daniel Kennedy, Jack Nolan, Luke Nicholas and James Cannon marched on to the National Final in UCD which took place on Saturday 6th April.

This was the inaugural year of the competition and as a result, motivation was high to become the first name inscribed on the Cup. Cruelly denied by Árd Scoil Rís in a tie-breaker in the regional final, we were particularly keen on achieving vengeance!

On the day of the National Final, we boarded an early bus to Dublin, with our mascot- Br Colmán! We arrived in Dublin and after a scintillating Starbucks and then journeyed on to UCD whereupon we commenced the Quiz.

We led through nine rounds by a narrow margin...but we were caught by none other than Árd Scoil Rís in the final round.

In a replay of the Regional Final, a dramatic tie-breaker was to again separate the men from the boys. (As long as the Industrial Revolution didn’t come up, we knew that the day was ours!)

Thanks to a Nazi propagandist film maker, Leni Riefenstahl, victory ensued, Árd Scoil would have to settle for second place.

Our Munster defeat behind us, the inaugural History Teachers Association of Ireland Quiz Cup was coming to Glenstal.

Congratulations to the lads on the team for this amazing achievement and many thanks to Ms. Foley for preparing us so well.

Jack Nolan – Third Year