Joseph the Musical by Laurence Murray (TY)

Joseph the Musical by Laurence Murray (TY)
Denis Hooper

It's hard to believe how far all of us have come since we started rehearsing for Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat back in September. Those final two weeks of intensive practice don't really do justice to all the time and effort that was put into Joseph by all involved.  

When we started practicing for Joseph it wasn't really clear how it would turn out or what the end product would look like. It took quite a while for everyone to learn all their lines and get comfortable with singing them. And even after all the lines were learnt there was still choreography, line queues acting, and all the rest to do.  

There were a lot of nights where everyone was left feeling tired and deflated coming out of the rehearsals but there were also times when we came out feeling elated and accomplished.

It didn't seem as though there was much structure or flow to the actual Musical itself until the final week of practices. It was in that final week that we began to see just how far we had all come and how well we had progressed with it. It was all beginning to take shape, make sense and our confidence grew by the hour.

All of the nights of practice were worth it in the end when we finally saw the finished product. It felt great to see how well everything had come together and how all that hard work paid off.

I would like to thank all of the cast, musicians, stagehands, sound people, lighting people, photographers and videographers, meeters and greeters, make up, stage designers. As well as Joanne and Conor of course for all the time they gave to making this possible.

Laurence Murray/Pharaoh (TY)