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Laurence Tuohy and Cillian O'Sullivan at International Economics Olympiadv 2019

Laurence Tuohy and Cillian O'Sullivan at International Economics Olympiadv 2019
Denis Hooper


The International Economics Olympiad 2019 was held in St Petersburg, Russia from July 23rd to 31st 2019. We were privileged to participate in this event as part of the Irish team as a result of winning the TY section of the Young Economist of the Year 2019 and being placed second overall. This was held in May in UCD. The other team members Sihoo Kim from Rockwell College and Diane Sheehy and Diana Mizra from Colaiste Chiarain also travelled with us to participate in the event. Ms Rachel Farrell of UCD who initiated the Young Economist of the Year Competition was also the person who organised Ireland's participation in this international event gaining sponsorship for flights from the Central Bank, IGEES, IEA and all the Universities.

Our Economics teacher Ms Mairead O'Sullivan and the Economics teacher from Rockwell College, Mr Pat Egan accompanied the team on the trip to Russia.  We set out on a 5am Lufthansa flight from Dublin to Munich where we changed planes for St Petersburg and arrived in the afternoon at our destination. We were met by volunteers of the IOD who brought us to our transportation to our accommodation which was an old Mansion in the Pushkin area of the city which was very beautiful and close to Catherine's Palace and Gardens which we visited between competitions. 

Although tired from our journey we were very excited to meet students from all over the world and get to experience life in Russia. The opening ceremony and the first round of the competition ( financial literacy) took place in the city of St Petersburg in a University setting, the second round ( economics section) took place in the Kochubey centre in Pushkin as did the day long preparation for the third round which was the case study section. This in particular was very challenging as it required students to design an economic plan for a high speed rail system connecting major Russian cities. This had to be presented to the judges as a team towards the end of the week. As TY students we were among the youngest participants as most other students had just finished second level education. Although not placed among the team winners, we came away with a bronze medal for Sihoo Kim's performance in the financial literacy section and were proud to have represented our country in this international event. We were delighted to have spent time meeting students our own age from across the world and enjoyed the free time in the evenings in such a beautiful setting.

In between competitions we were afforded the opportunity to tour the beautiful city of St Petersburg and spent time in the Hermitage, the Russian Museum and also took time to view the city from a boat ride on the canal. It was an unforgettable experience.

Our return journey, again with Lufthansa brought us through Frankfurt and onwards to Dublin feeling proud to have had the opportunity we were given to represent Ireland in the International Economics Olympiad 2019


Cillian O'Sullivan & Laurence Tuohy ( TY Students)