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Laurence Tuohy and James Hales Awarded in U.L.

Laurence Tuohy and James Hales Awarded in U.L.
Denis Hooper

After plenty of diligent work from both myself and James Hales, all that was stopping us from attending this amazing event was this dreaded envelope- our Junior Cert results. We anxiously received our results in September while walking the hills of the Spanish countryside on the Camino trip. It was good news, we had gotten the A! Our business teachers had been encouraging us to strive for this achievement for almost 3 years now!

Through countless exam paper questions, many late nights, painstaking accounts to balance, and the hot June Junior Cert, we had gotten there. To be sitting among other students from all over Munster in the UL Concert Hall was an honor. That night, Wednesday March 6th, we both dressed up nattily in our Glenstal formal wear and walked with pride. As  my name was called to collect my Award I could feel my heart thumping with a concoction of excitement and nervousness. 

Many photos, beverages and congratulations later we returned to Glenstal proud of our achievement. Overall it was truly an honor to be recognised and it was a very convivial night. 

I would like to thank Ms O’Sullivan and Ms O’Connell for all of their hard work in helping us effectuate such amazing work. 


Laurence Tuohy (TY)